Jet Charter

Introducing Stress Free Pet Travel to Paradise.

You and your pet deserve the best. Charter flights offer a vastly superior experience to commercial travel. From the minute you leave for the airport, there is no comparison. There is no worry of being separated from your pet, the cargo hold experience, or concerns if there is a delay. Private charters utilize separate handling facilities that cater to only private aircraft. This means no lines, crowded waiting areas or handling your own bags. This means you are free to simply handle your pet.


We service the entire Caribbean region. And from the mainland we depart from New York, New York, Los Angeles & San Francisco, CA, Aspen & Denver, CO, Miami, FL, Las Vegas, NV, Dallas & Houston, TX, and Chicago, IL, Toronto, Canada, and cities in Europe.


As soon as you know desired travel dates and destination we get to work. Our pet aviation experts will find an ideal aircraft and solution to offer a seamless connection between the mainland and the islands.


Each island destination has a different set of requirements for pet entry. When you book through us we make sure you have the proper pet health documentation prior to lift off and take care of entry regulations.

No price tag can be placed upon the feeling of safety when it comes to traveling with one’s pet. Private travel offers a sense of comfort and convenience commercial carriers cannot.

K M Gallagher, CEO

We arrange air charter service for our clientele.