We are a global provider of private aviation solutions for pets and their people.


Welcome to The Caribbean Pet Jets

Caribbean Pet Jets provides private aircraft transport services for pets and their people. We offer aviation consulting services for our members and work with each client to find an optimal travel solution. Private air travel is in response to the growing need to find alternative air travel arrangements that offer a consistent, safe, and reliable experience. More airline restrictions continue to arise when it comes to pet travel. We serve as an agent for our members to find the very best pricing and aircraft for their requested charter trip. Due diligence is required to insure the air carrier and crew have the appropriate safety ratings, insurance, and licensing. Proper pet documentation is also a critical component of air travel and our expert team advises on that as well.

All inclusive island travel for pets
  • Vacation & Relocation
  • Second Home Owners
  • Serving North America and Europe
  • Pet documentation assistance